With the bar exam looming closer and closer, I’m struggling to find enough time in the day to study. Unfortunately, my baking time has had to be decreased until the exam is over. But no fear! I have arranged for two guest bloggers to post their creations over the next few weeks. These two guest bloggers are the girls that I would open a bakery with in a heartbeat if I randomly had thousands of dollars to spend. I’m sure you will love their recipes as much as I do. Keep reading to meet them…

Our first blogger, is my good friend Cassie. We have know each other for about 11 years and bonded through our obsessive love for the Backstreet Boys (a passion we still share today). Although we were on separate sides of the country for a few years, we both developed a love for baking! Cassie is a vegan extraordinaire! Her desserts are vegan friendly and completely delicious. As someone who loves dairy products and has tasted some of her handy work, I can tell you that you would never know that these treats were vegan.

Our second blogger is Rachel. I’ve known Rachel for over 13 years from when we were “leftovers” on the town softball team. We’ve been best friends ever since. I would like to say our creativity came at a young age when we tried to make peanut butter out of sunflower seeds. Although that didn’t work as well as we had planned, our creativity is still there. Rachel makes some of the most gorgeous cakes I’ve ever seen. Think Hello Kitty, Barbie, baby showers, and Nemo. If you have an event Rachel could make the cake for you, or, better yet, show you how to make the cake yourself!

I know you will enjoy their recipes as much as I do. I promise I will be back in August bigger and better than ever! Just to give a preview of what to expect when I come back think: tiramisu, salted caramel squares, pies and cobblers. August is going to be a delicious month!

Wish me Luck!!