My final lesson in the Cake Decorating Basics class was this Wednesday. We had to bring in our cake already partially decorated and make 8 rosettes. I promise I made 8 rosettes but I though 7 seemed better suited for the top of my cake.

The yellow border on the top and bottom is shell bordering. With drop flowers in pink on the side and yellow on the top. Then just basic dots. And, of course, the rosettes. While I love making drop flowers, I learned that as much as you practice on a flat surface, it won’t prepare you to make it on the side of a cake. Luckily, the next class is all about Flowers and Cake Design, so I’ll learn how to make a flower on any part of a cake.

Next week starts the Flowers and Cake Design class where I’ll learn to make more flowers, work with gum paste and fondant and other general decorating techniques! Can’t wait!!