About Me

I’m a California girl that grew up in a small town south of San Francisco. At 17, I felt I had to escape my small town life. I moved to Philadelphia for college. Not done exploring the country, I moved to North Carolina to go to law school. Now that school is over, I’m back to my wonderful small town, fantastic family, and fabulous friends to start the rest of my life.

Just as I had to escape from my small town life, my release from law school is baking. It started with cookies and cupcakes, grew to cheesecakes, and now who knows what the future holds! I certainly won’t succeed with every thing I try to make, so please forgive my mistakes and watch me become a better baker before your eyes!



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P.S. I’m also completely obsessed with my bundle of kitten joy, Bella!




4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Reading about you and your spring fling party added a spoonful of sugar to my day. I already sense a sweet, warm, and peaceful day approaching. – R.A.S

    • The Moon Pie recipe is up now and the Raspberry Ganache Dessert Cup recipe will be up soon if you want to add even more sugar to your day!

  2. Keeks said:

    I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Everything looks delicious!

  3. I really like the new Blog Site, looking forward to some more of your recipes.

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